• shinyoung co., ltd.
  • korea medical
    we are an international manufacturer of inexpensive yet
    high-quality medical products for use by medical professionals.

As our warehouses are strategically located in global trade district
Our warehouses enable us to cut both shipping costs and shipping times.


All of the items are reliable, certified, effective and available in global standards.


Inspired by two key concepts of responsibility and trust, our company's best value is to produce and deliver quality medical products.

Shipping & Payments

"Speed and safety" is our principle of always shipping medical supplies. We have high quality control of the delivery process and provide first-class service to our customers with strong technical support. Our goal is to create a bright future based on mutual benefits by expanding more markets with friends around the world by the best shipping and delivery.
Our shipping and shipping team is not only a sales role, but also a better understanding and understanding of the customer's local market situation and applying it to our shipping and shipping operations to create the best system.

We understand the geographical advantages and disadvantages of the customer market and apply the optimal shipping delivery system to help the customer develop the market


New buyers need to decide on the payment method according to the order by consulting with the person in charge of our company or paying completely for each shipment. In general, our company would like to pay 20% cash or T/T deposit and L/C for the total amount to the buyer.

It is our principle to maximize the profit of the buyers who accept the buyer's requirements by modifying the payment method and conditions when purchasing at all times.