Product Specification

- Rated Power Input: 220V 50/60Hz 190W

- Rated Using Time: 7 minutes

- Ratings of Fuse : AC250 5~10A 

- Power Card & Plug: Adaptable to Each


- Outer Clothing: Textile and PU Leather

- Product Box Size: 452 (W) 85 (T) 650 (H)


- Product Weight: 4.1 kg (including box)

Designed ergonomically and comfortable
We present the life of health and comfort and

Musical Rhythm Tapping Massager(UCM-3500)

This massager is superior for durability and reducing noise.

It was designed to maximize the effect of massaging for each part of our tired body  by  tapping rhythmically of massager with our newest technology. Our company technical part have added 4 units tapper of high effectiveness into the massager to give some impressive pounding and feelings using our unique massager.

So, users of this massager can enjoy feeling like to be massage by two hand of human.
It is applicable to many various parts of your body giving relaxation and getting rid of fatigue, also to keep continuous health of your body. it can be used in any place at any time, with its familiar and useful design.

Once again, this massager would  surprise you as big power with small apparatus.

Product Feature

- Superiority of reducing noise and durability by solenoid of high effectiveness.

- Great feeling and effect by powerful tapping modules

- Easy-to-use, Power switch.

- surprising big power with small apparatus.

- Massage nodes rotate in every side

- Applied 4 high performance tapping bars

- Applied 3 kinds of massage bars

- Function of step- less speed changing tapping intensity control

- It can use in various region of body

- Silicon handle grip for convenient use

- Warming function (far infrared lamp)

- Applied Anion emission special material

- Designed by human body engineering

Product Specification

- Rated Power Input: 220V~240V, 50~60Hz

- Consumption Power : 30w- RPM : 600~3300rpm

- Infra-red Volume:

- Ion Radiation Volume: 1000 pcs

- Product Size: 140 x 40 x 120(mm)

- Product Weight: 1.5 kg

- Quality approval: ISO 9001,CE

Using Guide

1. Plug in the power cord( 220V).

2. Connect the attachment you want to the massager.

3. Place the speed volume switch to the "MIN" and turn on the power switch.

Rhythmical massage by auto problem and it is used for everyone.

It massages your shoulder, back and waist.

Designed ergonomically and comfortable.

We present the life of health and comfort and happiness.